Who are you?

Who are we?

Nitton 93 is a supplier of shop interiors with offices in Sweden and Norway. Since our launch in 1992 we have expanded strongly. The reason is simple. We never forget the basics of our mission -- to deliver attractive and inviting shop settings. Our business covers everything to do with shops, from the overall impression conveyed to the customer to the smallest detail in a display or product stand. Or as we usually say “from the sign on the façade to the waste bin in the back office.”

Nitton 93 is a privately-owned company where the creative driving force and curiosity form an important success factor. We are a flexible partner with a high service level that can handle large and complex assignments. We help our clients in different ways.
It can be everything from realization of a creative concept through
construction and manufacture, to production of e.g. a product stand.
Whatever your needs may be, do not hesitate to contact us!

Welcome to Nitton 93!

Nitton 93 Inredningar AB

Tomtebogatan 2, Örebro, Sweden

Phone +46 (0)19-1993 00